A tool to create personalized genome sequences

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Usually genomic reads, such as DNA-seq, RNA-seq, or ChIP-seq, are aligned against a unique reference genome. However, mutation and recombination processes produce variations from the reference sequence that can mislead the alignment process. To overcome this problem, is necessary a reference genome that has been modified to contain the variations of the individual from which the samples were taken. Here, we created perEditor, a reference genome editor that creates a copy of the reference sequences that has been modified to reflex information about SNPs and indels. Moreover, a second tool, perEditor_ra, was created to be used on the previously personalized reference sequences to take into account information about chromosome rearrangements. Both perEditor and perEditor_ra are command line tools that runs under Linux systems.

perEditor takes as input a fasta file for each one of the chromosomes of the reference genome, and a VCF file that contains information about SNPs and indels of such chromosome. Then, the tool creates a new fasta sequence that is a copy the original sequence, but that has been customized to contain the information contained on the VCF file.  On the other hand, perEditor_ra can be used to further personalized the reference sequences. This time, chromosomal rearrangement information (provided in a VCF file) are used by perEditor_ra to  manage the genetic variations described in the following figure.







Versions of perEditor and perEditor_ra compiled under a 64-bites architecture are now available

7 / 25 / 2011

perEditor_ra  can handle chromosome inversions.


7 / 20 / 2011

A new tool, perEditor_ra, has been posted. perEditor_ra, allows the user to take into account chromosome rearrangement information in order to create personalized reference sequences


Marcelo Rivas-Astroza ( rivasas2 AT Illinois DOT edu )