Sheng Zhong

Professor of Bioengineering

He received NIH Pioneer Award, NSF CAREER, Sloan Fellowship. More info

Kathia Zaleta Rivera

Research Asssociate

PhD in Biochemistry. Research focus on non-coding RNA.

Riccardo Calandrelli

Research Associate

Research focus on single cell genomics.

Kara Johnson

Graduate Student

Research focus on protein interaction technologies.

Xiaoyi Cao

Project Scientist

PhD in Biophysics and Computational Biology.

Haizi Zheng

Research Associate

PhD in Physics. Research focus on fluorescence technologies.

Lucie Hebert

Postdoc Scholar

PhD in Genetics. Research focus on cancer epigenetics.

Zhangming (Frank) Yan

Postdoc Scholar

PhD in Biology. Research focus on single cell genomics.

Weizhong Chen

Postdoc scholar

PhD in Computational Biology. Research focus on epigenomics.

Norman Huang

Graduate Student

Research focus on single molecule imaging and liquid biopsy.

Jia Lu

Graduate Student

Research focus on epigenome evolution.

Zixu (Josh) Zhou

Graduate Student

Research focus on imaging and liquid biopsy.

Qiuyang (Brianne) Wu

Graduate student

Research focus on single cell transcriptomics.

  • Tri Cong Nyugen, Ph.D. student
  • Alexandra Kasper, undergraduate researcher
  • Yiqun Jiang, undergraduate researcher
  • Trang N.D. Tran, undergraduate researcher
  • Willie Gomez, undergraduate researcher
  • Xuerui Huang, undergraduate researcher
  • Shu Xiao, Ph.D., Research Associate (on leave)

  • Zhewen Fan, graduate research assistant, 2005-2006, now a Quantitative Scientist at PNC.
  • Guixian Lin, graduate research assistant, 2005-2006, Scientist at SAS.
  • Jun Cai, Postdoc, 2006-2008, Principal Investigator at Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Received a 2012 NSFC grant as PI.
  • David Unger, PhD student, 2005-2008, Instructor and Undergraduate Program Advisor, Department of Statistics, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
  • Jie Chou, undergraduate researcher, 2006-2008, Systems Engineer at OSIsoft.
  • Yanen Li, master student, 2007-2009, Applied Research Engineer at LinkedIn.
  • Xin He, graduate researcher, 2006-2009, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago.
  • Feng Hong, Ph.D. student, 2007-2009, Manager at AbbVie.
  • William T. Leinweber, undergraduate researcher, 2007-2009, CEO, SongAlive. Winner of 2009 Cozad New Venture Competition. Winner of 2008 BioE Best Senior Design Project.
  • Kimberly Vlcek, undergraduate researcher, 2007-2009, Program Manager, Microsoft.
  • Dacheng Xie, undergraduate researcher, 2007-2009. Winner of 2008 BioE Best Senior Design Project. Patent attorney.
  • KyungSu Kim, master student, 2009-2010, PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Mingxun Wang, undergraduate researcher, 2009-2010, PhD student at the University of California at San Diego.
  • Palak Doshi, undergraduate researcher, 2009-2011. Senior Research Engineer at CareFushion. 50 for the Future Award from the Illinois Technology Foundation. Leader of Best Software Tool Team and Gold Medal at the iGEM Jamboree at MIT.
  • Graham Heimberg, undergraduate researcher, 2010-2011, PhD student at UCSF.
  • Dan Xie, Ph.D. student, 2006-2011, Professor, Huaxi Medical Center, Sichuan University. Awardee of Thousand Youth Talents Plan. Received a 2017 NSFC grant as PI.
  • Wei Huang, visiting graduate student, 2009-2012, Assistant Professor at Department of Statistics, Northeast Normal University, China. Received a 2014 NSFC grant as PI.
  • Meagan Musselman, undergraduate researcher, 2009-2012. Gold medalist in 2010 iGEM competition as the leader of UIUC experimental team. External vice president of the Society of Woman in Engineering. Engineering at PCC Structurals, Inc.
  • Chieh-Chun Chen , Ph.D. student, 2007-2012, Engineer at Amazon.
  • Jonatas Bortoli Cruz, graduate researcher, 2011-2012, receipent of SURGE fellowship and NSF IGERT fellowship, graduate student at University of Illinois.
  • Addison Dynek, undergraduate researcher, 2010-2012, Project Mananger at Belvedere Trading, LLC.
  • Christine Do, undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012, undergradaute student at University of Illinois.
  • Anna Sherman, undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012. Account director at Mondo.
  • Noah Boton, undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012.
  • Yang Zhang, graduate researcher, 2011-2012, Ph.D. student at University of Illinois.
  • Laura Sloofman, graduate researcher, 2010-2012, Bioinformatician at Mount Sinai Health System.
  • Darina Mcdee, undergraduate researcher 2010-2012, lab manager, Project Mananger2012-2013. PharmD candidate, University of Illinois Chicago.
  • Pengfei Yu, Ph.D. student, 2009-2014, Scientist at Genewiz.
  • Annie Bruckner, undergraduate researcher, 2013-2014, receiptient of CIRM fellowship. Assistant Lab Manager at Celgene.
  • Fernando Henrique Biase, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher, 2012-2015, Assistant Professor at Auburn University.
  • Yan Liang, undergraduate researcher, 2015, currently a PhD student at UCSD.
  • Xue Scarlett Zou, undergraduate researcher, 2013-2015, a Ph.D. student at Duke University.
  • Tianyi Tiana Zhao, master student, 2015-2016, Clinical Research Associate at Quintiles.
  • Yongqing Zhang, graduate researcher, 2014-2016, Assistant Professor at Chengdu Univesrity of Information Technology. Received a 2017 NSFC grant as PI.
  • Yizhou Li, visiting scholar, 2014-2015, Assistant Professor at Sichuan University.
  • Sana Hussain, undergraduate researcher, 2014-2016, currently Ph.D. student in Department of Bioengineering, UC Riverside.
  • Kelly Huang, high school intern, 2016, currently an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley.
  • Marcelo Rivas-Astroza, Ph.D. student, 2010-2016, postdoc 2016-2017, currently an FONDECYT fellow at The Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaiso.
  • Tingcai Cheng, 2016-2017, Associate Professor at Southwest University, China.
  • Bharat Sridhar, Ph.D. student, 2010-2017, Application Scientist at Genapsys Inc.
  • Alvin Zheng, 2016-2017, high-school student research intern, currently an undergraduate student at Harvey Mudd College. First authored a peer-reviewed paper and co-authored another research paper (under review) during his intern.